your kids are the healthiest on the block. Your fears about yours kids health a distant memory. Empowered with knowledge, confident and in control of your families health.

Imagine not having to spend hours upon hours searching the Internet for what you need, only to find dozens of opposing opinions and so-called facts. 

Imagine having up-to-date information that actually makes sense and will help you create a healthy human being from scratch (that’s a baby by the way!).

Imagine that all of this is at your fingertips.

I am Danielle Wicks and I am here to help you have all of that.

What would it feel like to have world-class experts, best-selling health authors and leading medical experts at your fingertips, as well as people like you and me who have turned their lives around?

How would you like to have access to people who are experts in fertility, hormone health, baby making, creating healthy habits, using food as medicine, and taking control of your kids’ health, as well as your own.

I want the future generation to be our healthiest yet, and this starts with you. The key to good health is prevention, which can start as early as BEFORE birth.

Being healthy before conception and during pregnancy can really set your child up for optimum health well into adulthood. As well, if you have a young baby, this is the perfect time to have them start on a healthier, happier path. The information I’m presenting here will help you and your family to achieve the type of good health you’ve always dreamed of.

Who am I anyway?

I am Danielle Wicks, a mum of three kids five years old and under, a passionate health advocate, a goof-ball who is clumsier than a dog on roller-skates, a filmmaker, coach and entrepreneur.

After facing Cancer over seven years ago, I began a journey of self-healing that has seen me meet with and learn from some of the top health minds in the world . I am dedicated to supporting all mamas on the journey into parenthood. I’m here to show you how to create healthy environments, foundations and routines that will help your kids thrive throughout life.

My belief is that prevention is a million times better than cure. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves; nobody or nothing else can do that for them. We need to give our bodies what they need in order to heal themselves and stay healthy. A doctor can set a broken arm, but only your body can actually heal the break.

I believe health is a non-stop journey of learning, self-education and empowerment. This is why I want to focus on kids. If we can set our children up with healthy habits and an experience of what it feels like to be full of life and health, it will have a positive flow-on effect.

I wasn’t always living a healthy life. I was a typical kid, eating the typical Australian diet. My Mum was an awesome cook and made most things from scratch, but I loved the shiny wrappers (and who am I kidding, the insides) of chocolate and chips and all sorts of ‘treats’. In my late teens and early twenties it was “cool” to get drunk and I definitely did a lot of that. 

The changes I’ve made in my life since then have taken time. I don’t believe change happens quickly for us adults - after all, it’s taken a lifetime to gain bad habits and it takes time for those habits to change.

Over the last seven years, I’ve helped many of my friends to overcome health issues, let go of added weight, gain control of their health, overcome depression and much more. You can check out what they’ve gained in their own words here.

I want to help you take your own health into your own hands, and to create a future generation of kids that are healthier than their parents! Sure, you may need some outside help sprinkled in there too, but your body knows what to do, you just have to give it what it needs.

I want to draw on the knowledge of experts in the fields of nutrition, mindset, quantum physics, genetics and everything in between to help people make their kids healthier from even before birth. This is my mission and I believe it’s what I am on this planet to do! So jump into this amazing and supportive community today and start your journey (sign up below).

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