Does it all Crash down around you?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do you get close to your goals, where it seems that it's almost perfect then it all crashes down?
In your life?
In your business?
In your body?
In your finances?

ALMOST perfect, then BOOM!!! Just like that you turn around and notice that the ALMOST perfect is no longer ALMOST.
You need to start AGAIN.
You need to go though the STRUGGLE, the PAIN and the HARD WORK AGAIN!
And it is hard work right?
If you've created the struggle, then you can uncreate it. 
YOU can change it.
Think about it
YOU have the POWER to create and also uncreate
so you get here - to the struggle. Constantly. Almost as if you are not even aware of how you got here.

You KNOW you need to change it.
You said you were never going to be here again in this position.
Yet here you are. In this position. In the struggle
Treading water for what feels like the thousandth time.
Trying to grab onto the life raft.
The raft that will pull you out of this.
The one you can't quite reach.
It's only just out of reach, if only someone could help you reach it.
You perhaps.

Why are you looking outside of YOURSELF? Why do you think the answer lays there?
YOU can do it.
YOU CAN pull yourself out.
You just need some help.
Perhaps some guidance.
Someone to see you.
Like REALLY see you.

You are AWESOME.

You know it deep down.
You know the awesomeness is there.
I see it.
I see you.
I get you.
I feel you.
In fact, I am you really.

The struggle? Yep, I know it far too well.
The pain? Yep, been there too.
The hard work? Yep, yep, yep.
The constant, just near perfect... then BOOM. CRASH!!! It all comes down and you are back here again.

I see you.
I see your awesomeness.
I also see the potential of your awesomeness.
If only you could see it for real.
It's all there in black and white.

Reach out your hand, grab it, it's waiting just for you.

Remember, it's YOUR life in YOUR hands,

Dan x

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